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The founders of Mt. Eden Investment Advisors, Keith McWilliams and John Packard, have a professional partnership spanning 15 years, providing high-end customized investment counsel.

They established Mt. Eden in 2004 from an amicable spin-off of the West Coast office of Weiss, Peck & Greer Private Client Services, believing affirmatively that the high-net worth family’s needs are best served by a boutique firm with an individualized focus rather than the prevalent national firm product distribution model.

Moreover, they have staffed that firm with investment professionals with institutional pedigrees serving as the main client contacts. In 2005, Mt. Eden Investment Advisors acquired the assets of Telegraph Hill Investment Counsel, further adding strength to the team and disciplines.

Mt. Eden Investment Advisors was named after a family vineyard. The principals see terrific similarity between the diverse branching structure of a grape vine and the issues of intergenerational family wealth. Both emanate from a common root source yet require proper individualized cultivation and care. The trellising structure used for the growing of vines is similar to Mt. Eden Investment Advisors’ asset allocation and investment advisory framework.



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